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This Story Site is an Android App

This Site is a Combination Web-Site and Android App.

To anyone that may be reading this. The Android App and Website are my creation, however, I am still learning to use them effectively. The Website is expanding in it's abilities. Behind the scenes, It can capture and store URLS in a database. It can display the as retrieved data or convert them into HTML Web-pages. It automatically backs itself up and backs up it's database on Google Drive.

Some seemingly small things were problems. Apostrophes for example. Out of the box, apostrophes have no place in a database. In the beginning using apostrophes was not possible. Now I can use words that use an apostrophe such as can't and won't. To me that makes it very effective. I'm not the best typer in the world so the abilities to speak and have it all be be turned to text to post on-line is very new to me. I also do not baby my environment for input. For example right now I have two fans blowing on me and I'm watching a movie. I am in the Philippines, fans are a necessity. As I said I use voice to do my entries and by nature the voice recognition puts a period, when I say period, but no space after it. I had to make an auto-space after a period when using voice. What I found very humorous about this is at times I talk to myself just a little bit and it also is being recorded.

Making the website totally responsive so I could use the app on my phone or tablet was a bit of a challenge, small but very important to have all controls easily accessible. My Administration area is neat lots of programmer toys there. This has been fun, but a long project.


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Break the Boredom Make Something Move

This set designed to start with a button click, HOWEVER, it is 'duck soup easy' ( that means very easy ) to make it start to move when the page is loaded. Just use:

window. onload = function start { slidit(); }

slidit() being the function I would auto-start.

// if the three lines below are enabled the function slideit() will start automatically // no startbutton is required.

KEYWORDS:   JavaScript

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This is a neat improvement. I just added a file uploader to this program.

Neon Eclipse

Neon Eclipse Icon

My project of the day. Making an upload capability for my SALTMAN site and making icons for my Ununtu Linux desktop.

What is the Purpose of Saltman

Life has been good to me. I have learned a lot of lessons in life. I will be sixty eight this month. I have things I wish to say and share. It is a combination of thoughts and helpful hints. This is the location I have chosen to do that in. I have a YouTube channel with almost 7000 subscribers and 4 million views. That makes me think matbe I have some interesting things to say. Welcome to The Tales of the Saltman'.

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How Strange Life Is

Sixty Eight Years Alive

I must honestly admit I`m astounded by life now. I had wanted for some time to write a book about my feelings and what I think of life. Some postings will be fun some educational and some, I must admit, are things barely worth reminiscing about and somethings are not worth mentioning but, still I want to pass it on to somebody that may be interested. I want this to be kind of like a junk shop, there is something here for everyone.

KEYWORDS:   start, beginning, introduction